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Hi, there! What to say about myself? 


Well, my high school sweetheart and I live in a gorgeous small town in Utah surrounded by the desert and mountains. We are the proud parents of two small humans, two ornery cats, and the cutest dog on the planet. I love outdoor recreation, traveling to new and old places, collecting crystals, reading, meditation, just about anything to do with personal growth, and of course, spending time with good people.


When I hit publish on Prism back in 2017, I had big dreams and the hunger to succeed, but few skills in the book-marketing department. So I worked harder than I ever have and committed myself to improve my marketing and writing. I’ve had my share of failures, but I’ve learned a ton and I’ve kept working through them all. 


I’ve been fortunate enough to reach some incredible milestones along the way. My Color Alchemist series was bought and produced by Audible, my books have cracked the top 100 in Kindle stores across the globe, and I’ve hit the USA Today Bestseller’s list.


None of those things would have happened without my incredibly supportive family, friends, team, and readers. For years I thought nobody would ever get to read my books. And now? Now, my books have sold thousands of copies and have had millions of Kindle Unlimited pages read. I can hardly believe it and I’m so grateful for everything.

My mission as an author is to entertain both teens and adults. I want an adult to be able to pick up a book, fall in love with it, and feel comfortable passing it along to their teenager. Because of that, my books are on the clean side of fiction, but they still have plenty of romantic tension and suspense to keep things interesting. The stories may be dark at times, but things tend to work out in the end.


It’s so fun to blend genres and my writing continues to focus on what I love to write, be it romantic fantasy with Nina Walker or romantic comedy with my Grace Costello pen name. You can count on many more books from me! 


I’m kind of obsessed with social media and don’t blog much, so please follow on Instagram @ninabelievesinmagic or Tiktok @ninawalker.books. For exclusive content and freebies, or be first to know about a book release or sale, make sure to join my reader group on Facebook called Nina’s Reading Party. 



Anyway, that’s me in a nutshell. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you can find a new book to dig into and forget your troubles with. 





PS: If you’re an agent, publisher, or creator looking to get in touch, I’m currently without representation and looking to team up with visionary and collaborative professionals.

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