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What if color could be transformed into powerful magic? 


Forced to move into the palace, Jessa begins training as a Color Alchemist under the direction of the kingdom's most eligible bachelor, Prince Lucas. As an alchemist, Jessa must capture and harness the color of living things. Every color has a unique purpose, except red. Red is the untapped magic no one can access — until Jessa. The power-hungry king makes clear that if she refuses to do red alchemy, Jessa’s family will pay a heavy price. 


Prince Lucas is running out of time. His mother is deathly ill and healing magic isn’t working. When Lucas suspects someone is using alchemy to control her, he sets out to discover the truth. Training Jessa is a distraction, and helping his father turn her into a dangerous weapon isn’t what Lucas had in mind. When a resistance group claims they can help, Lucas is forced to examine his loyalty.


PRISM is the first installment of a unique young adult romantic fantasy series, where a dystopian world with a Victorian vibe meets the dynamic magic of color! 


“...The (quite literally) colorful landscape—animated by an intriguing cast—is complex but well-explained. Masterfully plotted, Walker builds to not one but several unexpected twists in the novel’s final pages. Readers will no doubt clamor for the next book in this series; a thrilling start from an exciting new talent.” –Kirkus Reviews


wolf moon

rise of the

New World Shifters

I’d finally taken control of my life when my future was stolen from me. Now I’m in the wilds and on the run, my lycan bite a festering reminder of everything I’ve lost. 


Knox and I don’t know what we’re doing out here, and survival seems impossible. When a group of fearsome lycan captures us, they force us apart and demand I embrace the monster within.


They have big plans: kill the alpha wolf and start a war. And they’ll use every weapon in their arsenal, including me. After all, who better to destroy Prince Ryne than his fated mate?

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